Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

DRAWING SHOW and more cards

On Saturday, first of August 2009 my (= Simon, Hi everybody!) drawing show will open at our friends Jan's excellent Restaurant/Café FREIGEIST in Lustenau! Jan is a crazy good cook, who takes many of the good things of his fabulous seasonal kitchen directly from his own garden behind the house. Rarely seen herbs and even some blossoms find way into the salads and dishes. You'd wonder how delicious and well tasting they can be! YUM!

The drawings will circle around my usual topics of nature, vegetation, plants and flowers - all things that are strong in Jans cooking. Since I am very food savy, I enjoy this collaboration immensly. It's very cool to do this together with him and it promises to be loads of fun. If you are around the area we'd be pleased to see you on saturday evening, I think Jan will have some special treats ready...
The show will be up for at least six months after that, accompanying the eatery. I will document it for everyone not around, firstly on our TWITTER, then by fotos here on the Blog when I'm back from setting it up.

Now for the art:

There will be 12 drawings on constant display for instant sale. six will be colored, six black and white. The prices range from 120€ - 150€, the format is 30 by 20cm on Fabriano paper. A special something is also in the works, secret as of yet. You gotta sneak by to check it out.

From now on there will be a selection of 20 of our cards for sale there, some drawn buttons as well. Five new pieces of the first meadow set will be there, here are the DRAWINGS for those!

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