Mittwoch, 19. August 2009

You are invited! FREIGEIST SHOW - FOTOS!


Drawing on the inside of the glassfront of the venue for a display. One of the drawings is attached to the glass - by magic!

For the opening we put some of the pieces out on the tables and into the flowerpots.

FREIGEIST from the outside! It's sooooooo beautiful. Go check it out if you wanna be blown away by goodness.

More drawing on the glass... in September there will be new drawings in the front!

Wonderful Hydrangea. Everything is filled with flowers there!

I drew three pieces while I was there on Saturday afternoon. This is how my drawingtable usually looks. Fresh flowers, paper, brush... go!

Ladies and gentlemen! The contender for the best Sandwich in the world! Olive bread, dried tomatoes soft french cheese and prosciutto. Fantastic! I almost fainted. Sorry animals and vegetarians...

The good stuff! I hope you can drop by and check out some of our goodness!

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