Mittwoch, 4. November 2009


Here's a private commission for a good friend of mine. He totally loves BJÖRK! Now who can blame him?

Above you can see the line drawing, then the finished piece in color. There is still a lot of white in there to help the aetherical look of BJÖRKS growing creations.
Seeing that this was to be colored, I set the lines differently than with the BLACK AND WHITE ink drawings I usually work in. I left space in the drawing to texture it with the acrylics instead of adding different strokes and inkdots. So much for the technical side. The drawing was then mounted onto a disc of wood rather than framing it for hanging. We did this to work it into a wall panel in the room.

This is not the best reproduction of the colors as we only took quick snaps (some of the lighter contrasts of the paint are lost), but scanning will follow and make up for that.