Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009



From Saturday the 31. of October we will be shining from one of the shop windows at the formidable MOTMOT SHOP in Vienna - KIRCHENGASSE 36 (please CLICK-CLICK!), there we present some of our known things like CARDS, BUTTONS and BAGS - each and everyone fitted with an original drawing. Yes you heard right friends, whatever you choose to get from us is a item with a handdrawn design that only you will have. That's much in occurance with the cool things our friendly friends Anna and Steve from the MOTMOT Shop are making, but we'll get to that later. We made a special collection of our things for them, so all in the window is only to be seen and to get at the MOTMOT's.

In addition to that there will also be a drawn tapestry set on the walls of the window. It's gonna be quite big - and it was just as big fun as that to draw it for sure.

Both the MOTMOT's and us have a thing with producing our wares on the spot - It's one of the nicest and funnest things at the MOTMOT SHOP to go in, choose your design and your fave garment and get it printed right away. And that's screenprinting I'm talking about, not the usual iron-on kind of thing - WOW! That's one reason why I fell in love with the store immediatly. Sooo, we will merge our stupendous qualities on the 6th of November at the 6th district BLOCK PARTY, where I will be drawing at the shop and the MOTMOT's will have some extra specials ready for you. I'll draw some of our CARDS, as well as large size BUTTONS made after your wishes and buttonized right away for you to take home.

As you can imagine we're PRETTY excited about that! Below you can see some of the drawings I was working on for the window, I will update you on those as the 31. draws closer. We hope you enjoy all that and have the chance to stop by!

The Tapestry...

Rosehead Buttons...

Acorn Buttons!

The Ground Buttons...


  1. Hallo Simon, ich freu mich schon auf die Blockparty! Let's rock! Anna.

  2. HEY ANNA!
    Ja ich freu mich auch! Wird betimmt spassig! ROCK IT!