Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

What's the word? LETTERPLAYGROUND!

We have joined the very fun LETTERPLAYGROUND site, it is based on the fabulous Mr. Nate Williams' love for handlettering. Nate is a force of handlettering in present Illustration. I'm sure you have seen his wonderful work in action, but just in case, can find him HERE.

Letterplayground strikes me as a place where you can go crazy with letters like you always wanted to! On there -----> WE ARE HERE! It gives for some good kicks to just goof (in a positive way...) around with your ideas without the pressure of a certain sense behind the work itself but yet to have a challenging way of getting to a result. So we felt obliged to present the latest in potato lettering fashion!

Important PS: All potatoes where eaten of course!


  1. I thought they were mangoes! Mmmm potatoes...makes me want to go make spaetzle, on such a chilly night!

  2. Hey! Yes please do! Can I see pictures then please?