Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009


We love old botanical prints and the whole aesthetic feeling of botanical visuals in the 19th century. These were done in the vein of studying that period of reproduction and drawing. Quite simple and clean and of course not as elaborative as the work that goes into the classic look of drawings that become etchings for bookprinting.

I formerly drew them to cut them out and arrange them separatly, but how they ended up on the paper kind of worked, so I let them be like that.

The family of Orchids has some of the most weird and beautiful plants around, they have become pretty much household names when it comes to bringing a delicate but endurable flower to your home. In the jungle they can grow to massive conglomerates of plants. The botanical garden in New York has one of the largest Orchids in the world we are told. This thing only blooms once a year, in many small sets of flowers hanging down from it's massive strings. We caught it as it was just loosing the petals when we went there last time.

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